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Mission Statement “Your Business is … Our Business”

With over 30 years in the Electrical Staffing Industry we are here to help you get the job done right!!

Florida Tradespeople LLC

Meeting Your Needs

For clients, our electrical staffing services fit projects that are never too large or small. Partnering with Florida Tradespeople LLC, means we’re ready wherever your projects take you in South Florida. You can count on us to follow through- even on the most important time frames. We can staff last-minute projects so you still meet your deadlines.

Our Customers

Electrical Contractors working on commercial, industrial, and residential projects, we can handle the administrative burdens of recruiting, hiring, employing and managing skilled Electricians. We’ll make sure you have the right electrician’s for every phase of your construction project, on every job every time. With Florida Trades People on your team, you can focus on your business and let us get the job done.

Contact us today and find out why hundreds of Electrical Contractors rely on Florida Tradespeople LLC for all of their Electrical Staffing needs.