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The Right Electrician for Every Project

Like any job, having the right Electrician makes all the difference. When it comes to finding skilled, dependable electricians, Florida Tradespeople LLC is ready and able to get the job done. The kind of electricians you would like to hire yourself, if you had the time to do it. We have the electricians with the right skills, who take pride in their work. When you call Florida Tradespeople LLC we handle the rest. We cover the Workmen’s Comp. Insurance, all applicable payroll taxes, unemployment and liability insurance advertising and interviewing. This in turn allows you to do what you do best. 


Are you in need of skilled Electricians in the South Florida area? Florida Tradespeople LLC can help as we employ hundreds of Electricians- in and around the South Florida area. With more than thirty years in the Electrical Staffing Industry throughout South Florida.

Florida Tradespeople supplies the Electrical industry with qualified reliable and equipped electricians on an as need basis, from a week to a year or even longer.

Our in depth employee screening process consists of but is not limited to pre-employment application to confirm the applicants abilities and credentials followed by skill testing, reference checks, tool check safety orientation and drug screen. This quality screening helps us to determine the employee’s rate of pay and the best electricians and journeymen that will help you and your company get the job done right the first time. Also by doing this the employee is not over paid which saves you money.

Florida Tradespeople LLC

Florida Tradespeople LLC is not trying to be the biggest staffing company in South Florida, but we are trying to be the best. We take great pride in serving your business in South Florida. Serving Miami, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Stuart and Port St. Lucie with Electricians that have integrity honesty at the right price.

Our Guarantee!!!

Florida Tradespeople LLC guarantees the quality of our skilled Electricians and Journeymen. If our Electricians are not up to your standards, call us within the first four hours, we will replace that person and there will be no charge for the first four hours GUARANTEED!!!